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Meet Dr. Manuel Ramirez

Maitland Chiropractor Dr. Manuel Ramirez

Dr. Manuel Ramirez

Dr. Ramirez grew up in a family of medical professionals and, at one time, believed he would work in a medical field as well.

“My father, grandfather and siblings are all in medicine. I had planned to go into psychology, but my father suggested chiropractic. Chiropractic appealed to me because it is natural, drug-free and holistic.”

Born and raised in the Philippines, Dr. Ramirez came to the United States at the age of 18. In his native Philippines, he had been working toward his degree in psychology. Upon his arrival in the United States, Dr. Ramirez continued his studies and went on to graduate from Life Chiropractic College (now Life University) in Marietta, Georgia in 1985.

From Theory to Practice

While in school, Dr. Ramirez especially appreciated being exposed to “old time chiropractors,” experts in hands-on techniques that are the foundation of modern chiropractic.

“I saw how hands-on techniques really benefited the patient. Chiropractic is different in the sense that adjustments help patients get better instead of just feel better.”

Classes in Cox Technique, Activator Methods® and upper cervical techniques have provided greater flexibility in tailoring each patient’s treatment to their specific condition.

“The art and science of chiropractic prove that there is something special about it or the profession would not have survived this long.”

Outside the Office

When he’s not seeing patients, this father of four and grandfather of two loves to remain active outdoors. He enjoys scuba diving, hiking or any activity that gets him outside in nature. As an avid photographer, Dr. Ramirez likes to cultivate his creative side.

He also stays active and enjoys practicing martial arts. He has a first degree black belt in Shorin Ryu karate and a red belt on Wing Chun Kung Fu (Chinese Boxing). He also stays fit by doing Kriya Yoga.

Dr. Ramirez also believes in being active in the community. Health & Healing Family Chiropractic is a member of the Maitland Area Chamber of Commerce.

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